Jacob (Franklin ?) Flinchbaugh
Felton /York Pennsylvana
Jacob (Franklin ?) Flinchbaugh born 1793 ( Arbor, Pa ) died  March 17th 1875
married Christina Diehl born 1804 died 1841 both buried at the Lebanon Lutheran Church, Felton, York County, PA

I own Jacob Flinchbaugh's Bible  (Born 1793)

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Jacob's second wife was Barbara Shenberger - stepmother to all of his children
she died in 1884

Children of Jacob (Franklin ?) Flinchbaugh and Christina Diehl:

Susan Flinchbaugh born
married Jacob H. Evans

Julia Ann Flinchbaugh born Oct.08, 1824 died 1882
married John Flinchbaugh - a cousin - both buried in Blymiers Cem Dallastown Pa
There son was David Flinchbaugh  - A Baptismal Certificate

Lydia Ann Flinchbaugh born 1827 died 1914
buried at the Lebanon Lutheran Church - Felton Pa

Charles Diehl Flinchbaugh born 1821 - died 1872
buried at the Emanuel Methodest Church  Loganville - York Co, Pa
married Sarah Blouse

Elisabeth Flinchbaugh born 1843 died Sept 27, 1845 - just 12 trs old

Maria Flinchbaugh born 1831 - died 1916
married Henry Shenberger his father was Jacob Shenberger

Adam Diehl Flinchbaugh 1835 - died 1902
married Susan Grim - died 1904

Jacob Diehl Flinchbaugh born 1836 died 1872   "GAR" 200th Pa Regiment
married Agnes Ann (Nancy) Reichard - her father was George Reichard

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